Saturday, September 8, 2007

Suicide watch...battle for the basement

Don't EVER expect any real blog entries on Saturdays in the Fall.

All I can do is vent about College football.

Dan and I both have wives who are keeping sharp objects and rope away from us. Being an Amy is a hard job.

Big Blue and the MiCks are now 0-2 with a looming showdown for a battle of the basements, and a turf war to see who's the biggest loser. National titles are gone...bowls are in doubt...already.

and yet...

Michigans loss seems far more tragic and humiliating right now...thank goodness. At least the Irish are losing to ranked opponents...I mean...ranked in the same DIVISION.

I have 6 days to talk

then next week I will cry a river.

go irish!


Anonymous said...

Go Ducks!

amy go blue said...

amy---we can cope in 1 of 2 ways.... i can pick up you and the girls just before game time, but after we made the guys their goodies, adn not come back untill bed time. or we can just pray for each other. one of us is going to need it really bad at the final horn :) i love you all either way!!!!


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