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Monday, June 8, 2009

Blog post:

Churches united. Ya….right. That will be a cold day in ____.

As a person raised outside of faith I used to wonder why there where so many churches? Why did God do this, or as I was more likely to believe, why did God’s church splinter into so many freaky cults that were always at each others throats? Church folk, as I have found, can be an acquired taste. But I have learned to love and like church people…mostly because Jesus has showed me how. Plus, he loves me…and candidly I am not very lovable at times.

And yet, perhaps it’s not as simple as cynicism always seems to be. What if the diversity of churches was more like the diversity of flowers God has created? What if the beauty of the world-wide church is the diversity? Each accomplishing something beautiful and unique? Variety is the spice of life. And some churches are just a little more spicy and differently seasoned than others.

And most likely, what if there is some truth in both concepts? And what if the churches awoke to this and spent time with one another? Perhaps, just perhaps then the world would see something they long to see. God in us, through us, with us…merging and melting into each other in love. Just like the beauty of a botanical garden. Our distinctive colors remaining intact, but our diversity celebrated instead of condemned. A jambalaya of sorts, with Jesus being the one non-negotiable ingredient.

This then is our dream. To build a unity between the Ashland churches. Where the unity of our love in the person of Christ becomes a singular beacon of hope to all. A single light, seen through a prism of churches, movements, and denominations.

And our hope is that this love will be what Christ promised. “proof that we are His disciples.” The proof is in the pudding they say, and we are pudding together a unity service for any and all Ashland churches July 26th at the High School football stadium.

Come join the laughter, loving, learning, and life of the CHURCH in Ashland.

There might even be a frost that morning somewhere.

David Sherwood lead pastor 5 stones community church.


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