Thursday, October 7, 2010

Appetites for destruction

Catalyst tension 2010

Our appetites, sex, sleep, etc are high motivators in our lives
Desires are the drivers of our lives
Each appetite creates tension...because we always want more

Leadership tensions

Respect / Recognition / Fame / to be envied...jealousy

God created them and Sin distorts them
Never fully and finally satisfied
Always whisper NOW and never later

Step 1 admit your reality

Your reaction to your appetites that are never and fully satisfied will determine the path and destination of your life

The internal battle must be won before the external war can be fought

Gen 25 Jacob and Essau
Both have appetites that are out of control

Birthrights and blessings deeply desired
Finances and inheritance
Position and respect-given authority over the rest of the family
Blessing...anointing and unique connection to God assumed

Essau: mans man fight club
Jacob: metrosexual, making dinner

Older bro never need younger bro
Younger bro always wants and needs something from older bro

But when the older bro needs something... The younger bro says hey let's pause while I figure out what I can get out of this. Negotiation trade.

The stupidest trade ever...because of inability to defer gratification
Who would throw away....for .....
Because we can't wait we want it now

Without this I will die! Bull... The appetite creates a brain impact bias and magnifies it completely out of proportion. Survival instinct on crack! Brain is lying to you and this is why you will have buyers remorse. And the brain does focalism where we see 1 thing and blur and forget everything else.

This happens every time an appetite gets provoked

This decision / these decisions are what Destroy the future!

Now decisions: good and bad are unleashed into the future like a bullet from a gun

The future essau: Moses lineage, Jesus, MatthewS gospel...
Look at your bowl again
It would be better if you died than if you did this
You are about to lose your future

YOU must mature enough to reframe your appetites

And God let's this happen.. Because the responsibility is OURS
This is the privilege and responsibility of freedom

If the appetite gets control
You will compromise everything to get it

10 years from now...
What do you want to see...desire to b an elder is a good thing
Control how you get there

What is your bowl of stew?

What are you desperate for to create excitement or ease the pain?

Talk yourself off the cliff?

What is not illegal or immoral that you do but you wish nobody ever found out about?

Make no private decision that can't stand up on a public stage

This pushes the appetite back into the right context

The Jonathan Edwards reality
The resolutions
The graveyard

And you are not just trading your stuff you are trading others hope, faith, etc.

And maintain

Or lose to good plans God has for you!


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