Saturday, February 6, 2010

missional living

Being Missional is simply a choice. But, 2nd only to the decision to follow Jesus, this is the most dynamic and dangerous decision you will EVER make. For “Christian are lame and limp persons more times than not; but when one of them finds the mission for their life they become the most dynamic and dangerous of persons. For then, they become like Jesus!” Which one you will be is a matter of choice, but it is also a choice that must be made 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. And this choice will change you and the world far, far, far more than you could ever imagine!

Reflection Questions [The BIG questions God wants to ask you]

1. Am I participating in the “big picture” revealed in Scripture so that my life feels like an EPIC adventure rich with purpose, passion, and providence?

2. What does it mean that you are living in the Fourth Chapter [revolution]?

3. You are living in Ashland right now for a reason. You are here “for such a time as this” What do you think God wants to do through you?

4. What if my workplace is a mission field? What would happen if I started to think of my job as “ministry time” rather than just “work”? What specific things must change?

5. How can I practice paying attention to what God is doing, who God is putting in my path, on a daily basis?

Equipping Questions [Soul searching to find your unique / personal calling]

1. What things am I passionate about? What things are you willing to fight for? What gives you deep joy, peace, or meaning when you do it? What do you want to make a difference in? What is wrong in the world that you want desperately to make right?

2. What makes me come alive? What kind of things do I love to do? Think about those times that have brought out the very best in you. How could God use these sort of experiences as missional adventures in the future?

3. What, on a global scale / and a local level, breaks my heart? What can I do about these things? How can I leverage whatever resources I have at these challenges? [Time, money, prayer, etc.]

4. What, am I really good at? What spiritual gifts do I have? What skills have I cultivated? What experience do I have? How can these things be used to give the Gospel to people and to build the Kingdom?

5. Who can I talk to and dream with and practice with in order to experiment with finding my unique mission? How can my friends, spouse, small group…help me on this journey?

Resources [for you to explore so you can adapt your life into a missional adventure]

Missional Renaissance by Reggie McNeal

Unstoppable force by Irwin McManus

The Radical Reformission by Mark Driscoll

Conspiracy of Kindness by Steve Sjogren

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just a moment of your time. And what if that moment changed everything? And in that moment…

What would it be like if God talked to you. Really talked to you. What if He shared His heart, mind, and dreams for you; answered the big questions; and gave you some advice and perspective on how to live your life. And what if he was funny, sarcastic, serious, passionate, tearful, and real?

That would be great wouldn’t it? And how would you respond if I invited you to an appointment to do this with God. And I promised His voice would be there?

That’s what I’m promising!

The trick is in learning how to hear. How to perceive. How to experience and respond to His voice. And this is what I am going to be helping people with on Sunday mornings at 5 stones.

Meet me at 9am on the 3rd floor of the Bixler building [right behind the Chapel].

Learn how to read the Bible and hear Gods voice and thus His heart, mind, and desires.

Class will include

· How to have a quiet time with Gods word that is relevant, engrossing, passionate, and transformative. Not boring, perfunctory, and passive.

· How to understand the meaning of scriptures with online tools, websites, and other resources. Things that make you really perceive deeply and vibrantly what is going on.

· How to utilize the Bible to understand how to handle the real challenges of life. Parenting, sex, meaning, morality, emotions, marriage, etc.

If you are coming I’d love to hear from you ahead of time, so I can prepare some materials.

If you are not coming I’d love some feedback so I can understand how we might do things in the future that would better equip you and your spiritual life

Looking forward to hearing back from you

Hope I see ya

Learning to walk in the word. 9am 3rd floor Bixler building at Ashland University

David Sherwood


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