Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just a moment of your time. And what if that moment changed everything? And in that moment…

What would it be like if God talked to you. Really talked to you. What if He shared His heart, mind, and dreams for you; answered the big questions; and gave you some advice and perspective on how to live your life. And what if he was funny, sarcastic, serious, passionate, tearful, and real?

That would be great wouldn’t it? And how would you respond if I invited you to an appointment to do this with God. And I promised His voice would be there?

That’s what I’m promising!

The trick is in learning how to hear. How to perceive. How to experience and respond to His voice. And this is what I am going to be helping people with on Sunday mornings at 5 stones.

Meet me at 9am on the 3rd floor of the Bixler building [right behind the Chapel].

Learn how to read the Bible and hear Gods voice and thus His heart, mind, and desires.

Class will include

· How to have a quiet time with Gods word that is relevant, engrossing, passionate, and transformative. Not boring, perfunctory, and passive.

· How to understand the meaning of scriptures with online tools, websites, and other resources. Things that make you really perceive deeply and vibrantly what is going on.

· How to utilize the Bible to understand how to handle the real challenges of life. Parenting, sex, meaning, morality, emotions, marriage, etc.

If you are coming I’d love to hear from you ahead of time, so I can prepare some materials.

If you are not coming I’d love some feedback so I can understand how we might do things in the future that would better equip you and your spiritual life

Looking forward to hearing back from you

Hope I see ya

Learning to walk in the word. 9am 3rd floor Bixler building at Ashland University

David Sherwood



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