Tuesday, April 1, 2008

as we planned this week we talked about communion, and trying to make it meaningful, creative, and dynamic in our services. Some of our ideas this week are questionable...heretical...blasphemous...fun...and just plain silly. So we need your help to stop these insanities from happening. Please come be the voice of reason. These were our thoughts.

  • no hands. A trough full of bread you have to "graze" on.
  • communion wine served through a funnel
  • bottle of wine passed down the row, while other people shout "go...go...go!" as you drink
  • you know those t-shirt guns they have at sporting events that shoot t-shirts into the crowd? We thought about one of those full of bread rolls...as a way to distribute the body of christ
  • a garden fountain with wine and plastic cups handed out
  • a hot-dog vendor walking around the chapel screaming out..."body and blood...get yer body and blood right here!"
  • a roll of bread suspended by the ceiling on a wire with a fircracker in it. After we pray we light the fuse and bread showers down on the congregation....sort of a manna from heaven / communion thing

and possible holy water water ballons thrown at you on the way out the door. a little nod to our catholic brothers and sisters.

now then...obviously something is not right with us. I am considering electro shock therapy, but really your attendance would be more helpful. Pray about being there, or...be prepared for one of these things to happen.

we have a planning meeting for our services on mon nights from 8-9ish pm at 836 stone creek blvd...all are welcome.



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