Friday, May 16, 2008

and a new name

so if you have been getting these posts, please understand that the blog title has changed.

it is now

"a stoners journal."

a few tweaks more are coming, but this is pretty close.

what do you think?


Josh Derr said...

I like the new name Dave. You are such a STONER! :-) My only concern with the new look is : Your "stoners journal" graphic in the top right with your purpose listed is extremely hard to read. Maybe its just my pc though, or my bad eyes. :-) But I had to get really close to the screen to see it. I look forward to reading your upcoming posts Dave!

danamydannyaaronanna said...

it's great to se you posting again. you've been spared of a blogging intervention!!!

i like the new look. didnt see the new graphic at all that Josh is talking about with the new name. nice comic relief. i am not sure I would like the updated website to reflect this ONLY because this blog has a lot of stuff in it and i am not sure if it would be seamless to navigate for a new mor unique visitor (ie: where do i start???). but the colors are great adn i like the banner across the top :)

Sue Rosa said...

I like the new logo and it showed up on my computer fine (so it must be Josh's bad eyes!). And I will endeavor to read weekly, especially at times like now, when I'm avoiding doing other work. Blessings, Sue

paula said...

Love the new name and the set-up.


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