Monday, September 8, 2008

john 1:1-18 redux

This is mostly from Lynda Marshall a Christ follower in the UK. She posted it on a website as a creative way to modernize how the gospel of John has effected het.
Hey, in the beginning which was before or yesterday there was the reason why. The reason why sweat and stink, the reason why cornflakes, the reason why trees, grass, flowers break into purple VW Beatles, Mac’s, feet on babies, faces-hey, faces-there was a reason why when in a moment before now, that which was not, big black all over us became…one of us.
By us I mean the one to one squillion ape-likes, wondering why they like a bad cigarette lighter were snapped into a blue faming moment of existence, and a moment later which was always too soon, not sometimes even able to inhale life they more or less were caught and blown away.
The reason why became flesh and made his dorm and dwelling among the TV sets and buildings with no windows and we did not recognize, kept eyes glued to green screens, quiz shows, news, reality, sports-good feelings, happy endings, never think of this end, this matchstick of a life we are decreasing in the smoke of our vanity.
Hey, stood next to my shoulder this reason why, but I wasn’t looking in the peripheral vision just yet. But I began to see him like Brad Pitt blinking into my fight-club life. And then somewhere, somehow, someday I heard someone say “he loves you!” and it was him and he had been whispering this into a thousand moments I could finally hear.
And then somehow on that beach he unexpectedly breathed into me, and I was suddenly alive and awake for the 1st time.
Yeah the reason why became flesh and blood and we have perceived him, the glory of the one and only, woke up life and the colors in my eyes changed as I saw red, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange for the 1st time. And life cracked open and I climbed out of my shell, and looking down at who I was and feeling the wet water of who I am I smiled.
And deep inside the hey now reason smiled at me and laughed, for now he had made his dwelling within me



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