Monday, August 2, 2010

the voice of...

The Voice:

There is a voice that calls out to all of creation. The voice is in our very image; it lies within our conscience; and it can be read in creation itself. The voice calls out to us to come home, to a home we have never known. It calls out to us as creatures and leads us back to the creator. The voice is in a language we need to learn even as we had to learn our own native tongue. At first it seems garbled and broken, but as we ask for and enter into pursuit of the voice it comes to sing over us, and if we will let it in, it can sing from within us. And the song it longs to sing is full of tears of wonder, and laughter, and hope, but most of all it is a love-song. The song of God’s love calling out to us, a voice full of whispers and wind, an Mp3 from eternity.

The Voice is the Word of God and is the essential creative wind that breathes life into all we do and are. This core belief and doctrine means that God has not left us alone without code or creed, but that he has effectively written our binary code over the last few thousand years [downloading it bit by bit and generation by generation]; showed us exactly what the template of humanity could and should be in the person of Jesus; and is explaining and revealing fresh recordings through His indwelling Spirit within us. The word of God is both mystical in the sense that the Ghost of God issues revelation [fresh information and reminders of ancient information] and union with Her children. And it is Manifest in that it is embodied incarnationally in the person of Jesus Christ. That said, the Voice is our mothers milk as well as the meat we need to be sustained through our intellectual questions, emotional experiences, and search for practical answers for how to live life in a fractured and deconstructed society and civilization. 



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