Monday, May 19, 2008

aluminum foiled

Just in case this email falls into the wrong hands…

I have it on good authority that there is a group of people who will attempt to wrap and wallpaper aaron wardle’s office in aluminum foil this week. This sort of childish prank, done in his absence, makes me sick…and angry. As one of aaron’s friends, I want to support him as he is out of town and cannot defend himself.

Therefore I am gathering a group of people to “defend” his office this week on Wednesday afternoon from about noon till 3pm.

Anyone interested in coming to ‘help’ or bring defensive supplies…[I was thinking of covering myself in aluminum foil while defending the threshold] is certainly welcome.

Defend the defenseless.


PS: I want it known that I did NOT hear about this from Nate Bebout. In fact NATE BEBOUT has nothing at all to do with this, and I desire whole-heartedly to defend his good name. So if this gets out…under no circumstances is the name NATE BEBOUT to be used as an accomplice or initiator of this nefarious deed.

Last time this sort of thing happened he got an atomic weggie and I’m sure his sphinxter twitches just thinking about this.



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