Friday, August 15, 2008

Mandatory meeting for anyone who has leadership responsibilities and is in
charge of a budget:

This will be the most important leadership summit so far..


Because we are going to officially end the season of surviving and getting
healthy and start to grow.

Our long term plan is

This year: grow: start to be a good church
Next year: develop: move into being a very good church
The following year: deploy: being a great church

This year as we grow there are 3 things we want to get very good at:

Loving God
Loving each other
Loving the unchurched

1-3 pm in Bixler [on a/u campus] 3rd floor...THIS SUNDAY

1-1:30 Budget stuff with Sue and Sarah
1:30-2 DVD of "they like Jesus but not the church"
2-2:30 vision and worksheets. Calendar for the fall re-start
2:30-3 presentations, dialogue and metrics for 2008-2009

Also: Mario is joining Dan Stephenson's team for men's ministry


We are starting to look for a women's ministry coordinator [BUT...they
cannot be point person for anything else] and we will help form a team
around them



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