Saturday, November 15, 2008

sick makes you pray

i have been sick for about 2 weeks.

and when i am sick i pray a lot.

and i usually find that i have gotten off-page with God and that he uses this [for me, not necissarily others] to draw me back into what he wants me to be doing.

these are my prayer discoveries:

  1. i decide to do things so that people will be impressed by me, instead of choosing to do the things God wants me to do as his servant.
  2. i give my leftover energy to my family far too often instead of giving them my best.
  3. prayer gives me FAR more insight than study, dialogue, or my own thinking.
  4. the best way to influence the visible world is to spend time in the invisible world.
  5. i run at a speed-of-life that is unnatural and unhealthy, thus when most unhealthy i try to do things in the midst of exhaustion and absent of being connected and focused on God.
  6. my mouth says a lot of useless stuff...what if i spoke only what God would send an angel to say?!
  7. people are rarely villians, but are often victims speaking and reacting poorly to thier wounds; they need help not judgment or gossip.
  8. denial doesn't work.
  9. trying to explain everything you do to the people looking in the fishbowl is a fulltime job that is impossible to even start not to mention finish.
  10. god is good all the time...alll the time god is good!



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