Saturday, November 15, 2008

  1. you can get your e-mail immediately
  2. you can update facebook immediately
  3. you can access all your music on your home computer anytime using the free ap simply media
  4. you can access the bible anytime
  5. maps is a GPS tracker and search engine so you can never get lost
  6. you can search ebay anytime
  7. jott ap lets you talk to your phone while driving or walking in the records it...converts it to text...and sends you an e-mail
  8. shazam lets you find any new music you hear...tuner lets you listen to any radio station in the world..and white noise lets you listen to rain on the beach while going to sleep
  9. gas bag tells you where the cheapest gas is
  10. urban spoon and around me ap's tell you the best food and sights around you
  11. air share ap lets you have access to all documents on your home computer anytime

i think my next laptop is gonna be a mac!



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