Saturday, August 11, 2007

the symphony, conductor, and composer

When we hear music it effects our hearts, minds, and imagination and in many ways our souls on a deep level.

as does all great art.

In our case the composer is God, and he has composed the music of our lives...beginning and end. In our case he is also the composer of 5 stones church.

He is the composer of our tone-poem and it will be beautiful. And like all great stories in music it will have refrains, balance, dissonance, and finally resolution. Many of these parts repeated but always brought back to resolution.

I'm not the composer...he is. I'm just the conductor. I read the music [the Bible] and help other people through prayer and instruction to know when, how loud, how fast-slow, etc to play the music.

If I were the composer, we would have a cult. And my personality is far too obnoxious and transparent to be a good cult leader.

So instead of that we follow Jesus and the composition for us to sing, practice, and play which is His will and His word.

I simply stand up and make sure we have balance and harmony. Those crazy woodwinds are going to fast again....slow down; those drums....back off a bit and learn to be subtle...brass you're doing great add a little more longing to how you play it....flutes...good night your on the wrong page [not yet, wait a little while]...everyone let that silence lingering in the air a moment it means something...this section we must all play together...yes piano this is your solo grab it with gusto...

Can you FEEL that?

And the symphony isn't complete without all the instruments playing together. And church isn't really a mature church till all the people are playing what they are supposed to be playing.

oh and 1 other thing

a VERY important thing

so important it is unimaginable that we sometimes forget form one of the core reasons we are doing this.


we are a MARCHING band...get it?! We have an audience to play for.

an audience of one...the composer who is God...

and an audience of roughly 6.3 billion...the world

Because the composition and the conductor, and the symphony members exist to introduce the world to the conductor who has also written a song for each of them.

a song of redemption and rescue, or love and hope...the song of Jesus
it's a sing-a-long, c'mon you know the tune, it's been haunting you yur whole life. Just pick up the composition and'll get better at it I promise. We'll all help you!



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