Tuesday, August 28, 2007

where r we going..on sunday mornings

I completed our teaching schedule for the next 6 months or so and thought you might like to know

  1. We will do Daniel for 3 weeks total
  2. Then we will finish off Nehemiah
  3. In October we will do a topical series called "Baggage" it will be about overcoming life's hardships...depression, emotional trauma, addictions etc. This will be a "RUNNER" series IE: We are gonna ask you to invite your top 10 unchurched friends
  4. we will have a "vision" teaching in Novemeber mapping out our church future
  5. We will then head into the holidays with a series on Jesus
  6. We will start 2008 going through 1 cornithians...which I am calling "the 1st church of Jerry Springer"

details below...if ya really wanna know

Tentative teaching schedule for 5-stones on Sunday mornings

1st Church of Jerry Springer AKA: 1 Corinthians

January dates forthcoming

Jesus [advent] ure [holiday series]

Week 6: A misunderstood Messiah
Preach 12.30.07

Week 5: A revolutionary in diapers
Preach 12.23.07

Week 4: Joe Somebody was Jesus Dad
Preach 12.16.07

Week 3: There’s something about Mary
Preach 12.9.07

Week 2: Seeking the Sacred
Preach 12.2.07

Week 1: The North Star
Preach 11.25.07

Vision sermon
Preach 11.18.07 “an unstoppable force in Ashland”

Runner series: “Baggage” Topical series on overcoming emotional trauma

Week 4: Weight penalty baggage [depression]
Preach 11.11.07

Week 3: Excess baggage [emotional scars]
Preach 11.4.07

Week 2: Addiction baggage [what’s hidden in the airport locker]
Preach 10.28.07

Week 1: Baggage check [what if we let God carry our burdens and scars?]
Preach 10.21.07

Nehemiah series completion

Week 13: Missional Barbarians (Nehemiah 11:1-36)
Preach 10.14.07 Based off of a list of men specified as leaders in various neighborhoods of Jerusalem, the word explains that living missional lives in the city of Ashland is a matter of sacrifice in order to see the gospel of Jesus take root in all areas of culture.

-I would like to see us have a missional adventure in conjunction with this message. Something where we serve the community, and invite people to visit as we will probably have a “runner” series after this.
*we will need to have print material, signage, t-shirts, website done by then if at all possible

Week 12: K[no]w Commitment K[no]w Community (Nehemiah 9:38-10:37)
Preach 10.7.07 The people of Israel renew their commitment to walking in God’s law by entering into a covenant. With this covenant comes an assessment of the resources needed to continue on in ministry. In light of this, Dave will explain the current state of 5 stones and organizational changes being made so that our church model can expand to reach more people for Jesus.

Week 11: U-turns and changed Destiny (Nehemiah 9:1-37)
Preach 9.30.07 In a heartfelt prayer in remembrance of God’s character, the people of Israel confess their sins and the sins of their fathers. This example shows us that prayer must be radically biblical, God-centered and truly repentant.

-In light of this we will also have a 3 fold communion service.

Week 10: Medicinal Laughter…is God Prozac? (Nehemiah 8:1-18)
Preach 9.23.07 The people of Jerusalem gather together to hear Ezra preach from the Bible and to worship God. In their conviction over their sin, Nehemiah encourages them to stop grieving and be joyful in the Lord. Scripture explains that it is vital to know and understand God’s Word, allowing it to convict and encourage us.

-I would like to end service with a time for the prayer team to minister the spirit to those who are in pain, grief, and depression.

Week 9: Your name in lights…forever (Nehemiah 7:5-73)
Preach 9.16.07 After lots of hard work rebuilding the wall, the people of Jerusalem are allowed back into their city. Scripture walks us through a list of pastors, musicians, deacons and other faithful followers of God who led the way in, reminding us that God knows each of us by name and has an important role for us in rebuilding our own city of Ashland.


College returning: Mini-Series: Daniel [alien nation: series title]

Week 3: Daniel “the writings on the wall”

Week 2: Daniel serves and stands against an alien world

Week 1: Daniel intro chapter 1



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