Saturday, August 11, 2007

what is going on


I thought I'd make a run at it so you get a feel for where things are headed.

  1. college members are returning. We will take a 2 week break from Nehemiah to do a mini-series on the life of Daniel [tentatively called alien-nation] to help them acclimate to a/u and 5 stones and being away from home.
  2. after Nehemiah...mid oct we will do a runner series [a time to really focus on inviting people] called baggage [it will be about overcoming the baggage and emotion issues we acquire over time]
  3. after that we will have the Jesus [advent] ure which will be our Christmas series which will take us to the 1st of the year
  4. amy stephenson is putting together a hospitality team to decorate etc 5 stones on sun mornings
  5. w gravitt is putting together our seminars which will start sept 9 for the 9-10am hour before the services
  6. n shultz is putting together the small group teams and what they will be doing in the fall
  7. g black is looking at bridge ministries for the fall and how to help singles between 20-30 and the a/u students
  8. lenore gray is putting together various prayer teams for ministry to the church and community
  9. missional adventures [monthly] is still looking for leadership, but people are praying about it
  10. all staff: youth, childrens etc have stuff going on and changes percolating
  11. the servant board is working on finances and other things to get us organized as a good stewardship [business] model
  12. the spiritual oversight board is getting us organized and putting together some long range planning
  13. j harrison is building a new website and working on our marketing, invitation card, etc.

and that's just what I can think of for now...sorry if i left anything out

pray about where you can help, things are getting focused and coming together, this is gonna be fun!



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