Saturday, August 4, 2007

what a week

Sorry I haven't been blogging its been quite a week.

  1. packed up house to get ready for move

  2. amy lost her cell phone

  3. pod wasn't big enough for moving all stuff, so had to get a ryder truck...and a trailer

  4. satan did a little damage through a backstabbing gossip this week

  5. had to say goodbye to my folks in fort worth...friends...neighbors...etc.

  6. house still hasn't sold

  7. money is so tight at 5 stones you couldn't get a line of credit to buy food stamps

  8. amy fell hard on the back steps and hurt her back

  9. chip packed his contacts and we have no idea where they are

  10. the bills put losman on pup-list [NFL stuff and code language]

on the flip side

  1. found a place to stay in ashland

  2. got defended by two friends who confronted said person from above list, who will now thankfully probably not be around to damage me and other people

  3. unanimous vote on new board member

  4. several people have signed up for new leadership positions

  5. i got to snuggle with my kids and smooch my wife

  6. a bunch of seniors from my former church came over and packed up my stuff that we were under the gun to get done

  7. got to give away more irksome material possessions

  8. 3 out of 10 things i listed on blog as church needs have been picked up by individuals

  9. nehemiah 5 is once again right on target for the church

  10. God has a plan

So it has been an emotional rollercoaster. Fear; love; panic; hope; anxiety; faith; grief; security; attack; defence; short a soap-opera in many ways.

so why do I do it:

  • I love God more than words could ever capture

  • I love his church, increasingly here at 5 stones

  • I love the lost, and desire with all my heart for jesus to rescue them as he did me

  • I am learning to love those who betray me, although candidly my maturity in that at this moment is suspect at best

but Jesus is SSSSOOOOO worth it. And His Spirit surrounds me even as calamities collide and spiritual warfare takes it turns and bounces.

it's a heeluva ride. [hmmm forgive me if that word offends you, I caught a little flack this week [and no grace] for some word choices lately] Oh well, there is lots to do and I've already given too much time to silly thoughts. There is work on the wall to be done.

pax: ds

PS: pray for the 4 guys driving with my stuff tonight...what they have done is awesome, and again words will never be able to express my gratitude.


danamydannyaaronanna said...

i've been keeping up with your blog from the beginning and you never cease to amaze me with your positive Jesus outlook. junk happens, and i can be so quick to forget that good stuff does, too.

thank you for being a constant encouragement adn joy to me and 5 stones :)


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