Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Are people speculating about what is going to happen this weekend at our church? Are they curious about what God is going to do through ‘this weekend’s message’? Are our volunteers anticipating God using them AGAIN this weekend? ‘I can’t wait to introduce this song.’ ‘The kids are going to flip when they experience this.’ ‘Our students are going to be shocked.’ ‘I can’t wait to see people squirm when I say that.’ Do we love to go to the watercooler at work and tell people the incredible things our church is doing in the services...being missional...donations to other non-profits...people coming home or back to Jesus? Are our lives being transformed and are we telling others about the transformation?

On a scale of one to ten, what’s the level of anticipation for each weekends experience at our church? Anticipation fosters curiosity which creates speculation which generates conversation. Are people talking? We do it all the time elsewhere. Talk to each other, friends, neighbors etc about what God is doing. This is what witnessing is...and it is full of laughter, fun, and joy.

Is it right to expect such a high level of anticipation week in and week out in our church? If not, should we accept a low level of anticipation or even none at all? I had a professor who once told me "it is a SIN to bore people with christianity...and we are sinning if we are ourselves bored and boring. God is on the move...laighing, changing, rescuing, teaching, and transforming lives. Are you in the flow of that reality? If so ...how far. A toe...up to the knees...near the waste...or all the way! Are we being successful in creating a healthy sense of anticipation and participation in our church? If so, what excites you...if not what could or should we be doing?

This is our church...let's make it fun and alive on every level. Let's anticipate joy and victory, and view setbacks as chances to grow in faith and character.

oh ya!



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