Monday, March 24, 2008

Read 1 Corinthians chapter 8

there will be a lot i talk about including weaker brothers, commandments-conscience-and conviction, and implications for how a church balances these things.

some points of balance are below

Gospel + Culture - Church = Parachurch
Dangers: no longer a biblical church. Solely exists for evangelism and not for other functions of a biblical church.

Culture + Church - Gospel = Liberalism
Dangers: loses the message of Jesus and authority of the Bible.

Church + Gospel - Culture = Fundamentalism
Dangers: loses audience and lies about holiness. Isolationism, sterility, and legalism.

Gospel + Culture + Church = Reformission
Balanced position: combines the best aspects of each of these types of Christianity: living in the tension of being culturally liberal yet theologically conservative. Christians and churches who are absolutely driven by the gospel of grace to love their Lord, their neighbors, and their fellow Christians.



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