Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Becky Belfast

As you may have seen in another blog entry [2nd blog entry on worship, about a week ago] Bono came to Christ in the middle of the troubles between protestants and catholics and somehow rose above all that mess to still see Jesus as the most compelling figure in the world.

Jesus. That name which was supposed to unifyy and reconcile the world to God and one another in a brotherhood of hope and the dawn a revolutionary love.

and yet...that name has too often been leveraged for war and so many atrocities there is not time or tears enough to list them.

But other things have happened in that name.

In that name St Patrick returned to ireland, to a country that had kidnapped him and made him a slave. He returned to those who had abused him and he told them a story of epic forgiveness.

Becky does that as well.

She is our missionary to Belfast Ireland.

And we support her as individuals and as a church..I'm just reminding you of that. She and Aaron Wardle also partnered together for the CD "simply" to be used as a means to get the support she needs to go to Ireland and show them the story of forgiveness and love that Jesus started and is continuing to this day.

Please pray about:

  • buying a cd of simply
  • giving to her personally through 5 stones [you can do this on sundays]
  • praying for her
  • buying a cd for someone else

You and I may never know what it means to face to loneliness, culture-shock, and awkwardness of being a missionary in a country that has literally been scorched by the miss-use of Jesus name.

Please enter into her sacrifice through prayer and spend a few bucks to get her back to tell others the amazing story of Jesus and his love



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