Sunday, July 29, 2007

big faith mood

I'm in a big faith mood right now, so here goes.

these are a few things we need at the church, and we have a spending freeze right now so we can't even consider getting them. Thus, I will just make this list available to the community and congregation and see what God does.

This list is in order of priority:

  1. A new laptop for the worship services. The old one is 8 years old. We need it to have the newest version of Vista and MS office. It also needs a cd/dvd driver-burner

  2. I need a new headset for sunday morning preaching. The one I have is making me crazy and doesn't fit which is a huge distraction to me on sunday mornings

  3. A good digital camcorder for Vodcasting the sermons on the new website and google

  4. A color lazer printer

  5. A good digital camera [8 pixels]

  6. Adobe photoshop software

  7. Someone to pay for some banners and good signage for outside of a/u chapel, also we need good posters made to hang up in community and college

  8. Someone to pay for good glossy printed visitor invitation cards for us to give out in the community

  9. A portable digital projector and screen

  10. Any gifts of appreciation for the staff [they all work here pretty much for free!]

living the life [of faith]

e-mail if you feel led to address these needs


Jonathan said...

We don't want Vista.

It still has too many bugs.

We want XP

danamydannyaaronanna said...

jon-----i have a LOT of cd-r's....can you use them for anything?????? lemme know!

david sherwood said...

as of right now:

1 person is praying about taking care of the new laptop issue.

adobe photoshop has been donated

visitor invite cards has a sponsor

and someone picked up banner and signage

and...I found a 4 pixel camera in church office, so I'm 1/2 way there with that one.

all in all in about a week we are 1/2 way there!!!


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