Monday, July 9, 2007

it's scary being a pastor.

to be this holy, this sure of the vision, and this relentless and fearless...

i'm kidding

I have doubts, fears, like everyone. About me, us, and our mission.

Sunday morning my back was killing me [from an old wound], my feart was full of fear, and Satan was running amok in a variety of details you don't need to know about. I kept thinking about the fact we are a 1,000 short every week, and can't stay on budget without massive reductions. In was hellish [figurtively...literally...whatever]

And then God said rest in him, and I leaned way back into His arms and he took over.

But what about...I asked God

what about it...he said back, and nothing else

we all look for signs don't we. And Jesus said "a crooked and deprayed generation looks for signs." So instead of looking for signs...I have been waiting for some confirmations I am on the right path in some areas.

2 haved showed up.

  1. The estimate from Mayflower for moving us was over 10,000.00 dollars. Will G informed me yesterday that "someone" is going to do it for 3,000.00. Which means, the King of the universe has told one of his servants in the kingdom to give 5-stones and my family 7,000.00!!! When was the last time a stranger you never met, walked up to you and handed you 7 grand in cash, and winked at you like an angel and said "God's in this kiddo!"

  2. We haven't figured out our housing situation yet and our old house hasn't sold. And "someone" has offered to rent us a house for 400 bucks a month up here. Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!

oh God...and about that Mustand convertable I have always wanted

stop. and enter into the hushed silence of awe and worship for a moment. I don't know if these things will happen exactly perfectly or not. I do know what God was / is trying to say through them.

  1. Hang in there, I'm in this. This is the right path.

  2. I'm behind you and ahead of you protecting your family and providing for your future. Don't freak out...put your head down, and pull the sled.

  3. I love you, and I will never leave or forsake you.

Why do I tell you all this? Because faith stories help all of us. In the world it is called the spiritual world it is called annointing-in-motion.

God is in this. Get your game face on 5-stones, Satan is gonna mess with us, and God is going to fight for us. And we are gonna lead people to Christ...grow strong...produce missionaries everywhere...and in general wreck havoc on everything Satan has tried to lie about-cheat us out of-and stolen from us...and we are gonna take his land and strongholds one by one and tear them down and set the prisoners free.

Oh God...set Ashland free...set Ashland ablaze for your glory. you are great God...GREAT!



david sherwood said...

PS: and are still great when you take things away, are silent, and everything looks like it is going wrong. Forgive being fickle in our faith and us to love and trust you like Daniels friends did before the king...they said our God may save us, but even if he doesn't...we will not bow down before a King and we will serve only Him." [paraphrase] Help us God to have THAT sort of faith.

Rebekah said...

AMEN..thanks for your raw, real heart and encouragement. He does love you..and all of us. Thank you, Jesus@!

Rebekah said...

By the is interesting to hear the back story of Sunday, because even walking in (as well as the entire service) I could feel God's presence through His people stronger than usual. Amazing what He does when we are broken.

chad said...

Awesome. . .and amen.


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