Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I thought about this today while working on the house and packing boxes.

  1. Apparently a better basketball team
  2. Obviously a better college football team
  3. My ulcer gets to move away from the tex-mex food my wife constantly tries to poison me with
  4. BRADY QUINN and the Browns! [Cowboys haven't won a playoff game in a decade, which is good because I hate the Boys]
  5. The summers in Texas [100 degrees + for 30+ days every year]
  6. Better skiing, snowball fights, and ice-skating in Ohio
  7. I haven't been on a snowmobile in 20 years
  8. In Texas they don't understand sarcasm [thier 1st words when they learn to speak are "duh" quickly follwed by "bubba"
  9. Texas is the buckle of the Bible-belt [what missional person would want to be here?]
  10. Absence of cute mennonite buggies here
  11. Ohio: Football hall of fame...Texas: Football hall of shame [how many days till football seasons starts again?]
  12. Ohio: closer to notre dame and my dream of going to a game there and watching them beat USC or Michigan...go Irish!
  13. Ohio has seasons...Texas has a blast furnace for 3 months and then 9 months of brown [yuck!]
  14. White Christmas
  15. My son is old enough to shovel the driveway, so I get to watch him do it from inside with a hot cup of coffee in my hand...just like my dad to me [generational poetic justice]
  16. I can wear my sweaters again [don't laugh, I kept them all-in faith, and yes they are "80's" style sweaters thank you very much]
  17. Friendlys...and decent Pizza


sergio_101 said...

for pizza, you have to go to the next town over.. coccia house.. it is the BEST pizza anywhere..

while you are at it, check out:


these are all independent eateries in the area..

no clown..

no king..


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