Friday, June 1, 2007

As I have been thinking and praying about 5 stones I know a few things that I will want to do sooner or later. So if any of these spark something in you let me know and start thinking about it.

And if someone or a group already does this...forgive me and let me know. I'm still getting a handle on things.

  1. Someone to video our services and post on u-tube weekly. Eventually format it for website, podcast, and apple-tv.

  2. Someone to help me do some videos like NOOMA.

  3. Someone to walk me through stuff at the college and introduce me to faculty, staff, and students. A person to help me network with the ministries there as well.

  4. Someone to help me network with the other pastors in the area.

  5. Someone with marketing experience to help with branding, footprint, etc.

  6. Someone to help the ministry center develop.

  7. Someone to teach me how to kayak, row, or sail.

  8. Someone who likes to edit. I write a lot.

  9. A creative / deployment team to help with sermon, series, and worship-experience planning.

  10. A creative / deployment team to help with outreach to the community.


Karen S said...

Mohican State Park ,just south of Ashland, has places you can rent kayaks. The river is tree lined and usually calm. Your more then welcome to use's smaller then a touring one and easier {for me} to get on the car. It's a wonderful way to be outside,on the water,alone with God {and all sorts of creatures}. Charles Mill Lake and Pleasant Hill Lake are also just down the road.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Dave and family. I'm looking forward to having you become a part of our church family. It's been a long, complicated process with a lot of twists and turns. When my 16 year old said she liked your sermon, I was pretty sure God was saying "Yes!" You mentioned in your blog that you're looking for an editor. I don't have tons of spare time with four kids and a full-time job, but would be willing to help you out, now and then, once I get my family settled into our new situation (it's not good, but God is). I'm quite good at writing and editing--I've already picked out a lot of your blog typos. :o) And I definitely look forward to having a pastor's wife in the church again--pastor's wives are the best!! You never know what you're going to get, but it's always wonderful. And I pray the kids adjust quickly and can make new friends. What a difficult transition to make at this age. I look forward to this new stage in our church growth and pray for blessings on your family. Sincerely, Beth M.

david sherwood said...

thanks beth m...typos are my speciality...and bad grammer.

I'm looking forward to the pastors wife coming as well. "you never know what you will get..." me either. But it is usually entertaining

Jonathan said...

I can try and videotape the sermon on sunday. My new digital camera does videos as well. Don't know what kind of quality it will be from far away, but I do know that the videos work in youtube. I even posted some of them on my website.

Well, see ya on Sunday then.


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