Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm here!!!

I made it here alive! [comatose in many ways, but alive]

After driving some 20 hours through hurricanes, tornadoes, and more importantly...the bike are now in Ashland.

I am staying at a super-secret brethren hostile for advanced spirituality. The people here are teaching me how to meditate, levitate, and con people out of know...typical pastoral skills. They plug me into a MATRIX like machine every night and I wake up more skilled and holier than ever.

I hope tomorrow to learn how to call down hellfire and brimstone, move mountains, walk on water, and a few other tricks of the trade. [if I hit your house with any of this stuff I'm sorry, please forgive me as I am a novice]

Plus the foods great, and the brethren dali-lama and his wife are great company.

Talk later. Must work on sermon, and wander about town and pray.


Jeremy said...

Welcome, Dave! Glad to hear you made it safely. Rest well brother.

sergio_101 said...

call me when you fight morpheus!

just in case you end up needing to find a restaurant.. drop by our sister site:

Jillian said...

So, you really are doing this, eh? Hopefully we will see you around ...

chad said...

Walking in the ways of the brethren dali lama and eating his wife's food. . . .your future will be very interesting to watch!!

amy said... are tired! welcome!!!!

Karen, Kyler, and Chase said...

WELCOME !!!!!! ummmmm can we borrow your trailer tomorrow? I know a great insurance guy if you need one.

shana said...

Welcome to Ashland. I am glad you made it here safe. Enjoy going around Ashland


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