Wednesday, June 6, 2007

drive time

Some people have asked when I'll be getting there.

July 1

I will be there to preach. I will probably leave 3 days before that. I will probably stay 2 weeks and then fly back to kiss the family and drive the motorcycle back up. Then I will be there till the family moves.

I thought I had talked some about this earlier, but just in case I didn't I thought I'd let you know.

Keep e-mailing me family or personal pictures. It will take a while to get to know everybody and this gets me ahead.

Gotta go...another good bye dinner...pot roast [one of my favorites]

speaking of which...

with no wife to feed me while I'm there you might wanna...

  1. Pot roast
  2. Steak grilled rare [still twitching is done]
  3. Lamb is always good
  4. Fried chicken
  5. Fresh fish [it's been years...Texas is not fish-country]

oh I'm subtle...


amy s said...

we bbq at least 4 days a week.....please come out and let us take care of you :)


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