Sunday, June 24, 2007


2 days left till I'm out of town.

Today Chip had lessons on the weed-whacker and some other power tools. He was complaining a bit about the heat, and getting the lawn done. Suddenly I fell on the ground and started laughing my maniacal laugh. mmmmhhhhuuuuuhhhhhhaaaaaa! "What is your problem", chip asked in embarrassment and chagrin; and i said "next week this time I will be sitting in the shade somewhere with an ice-tea while you have to do all this yourself. mmmmhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhaaaaaaa!

he wasn't amused. actually he was but refused to crack a smile till I upped the volume on the laugh and started thrashing on the ground.

man it's fun being a dad, and doing all the things to my kids my dad did to some new ones.


danamydannyaaronanna said...

i remember being in Chip's shoes.... i told my parents i refused to do back breaking,labor intensive, low to no paying work (like chores), and anyone who did was just completely out of their mind. Miraculouosly, some 20 years later taking care of the yard, wasshing dishes, or cleaning the house is a cake walk compared to what we do at our day jobs.....


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