Sunday, June 17, 2007

a new way of doing things

With Nehemiah, I am going to explore a new way of doing things. I don't know anybody else doing it quite like this, so I will ask for your patience and participation in it.

During the series I will blog about the message every day. I will be one week ahead of you so you will actually see the posts 1 week after I have completed the blogging. The blogging will share my insights, homework and personal application, and ideas about how to teach the principles.

I think it will look like this:

  • Sunday: Possible personal applications, accountability and small group studies from the sunday message

  • Monday: Prayer requests related to those applications

  • Tuesday: Ways to teach the principles to children

  • Wednesday: Insights on how it is going so far [Midrash] hopefully others will share what they have done and we can learn from each other

  • Thursday: How to handle the opposition of applying these things

  • Friday: Probably a re-cap from my journal entries for the week that I think might help

  • Saturday: Things that didn't make the sermon, but are good stuff. Resources that are available

This is tentative, and will be hard to pull off the 1st week while I am on the road. But this could be good. Really if you just check in on Sunday and Wednesday you should get some practical help moving this stuff forward in your life.

I'd love feedback on what you think about this...or ways to improve the idea [just click on comments, right below this post...when you put your cursor on it, it turns and it will give you a box to write things in]


Anonymous said...

sounds great!


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