Friday, June 22, 2007

indulging redneck fantasies

Not everybody that has a trailer is a redneck in Texas, but owning one is a badge of honor. I have had redneck envy for years looking at people with dirt-bikes and wave-runners on the back of trucks laden with Nascar stickers. Alas my poor little metrosexual truck doesn't have a hemmie, but the little rice-burner is happy.

Amy said when she kissed me good-bye the other morning that I said "be careful in the truck sweetheart, now that he's got a hitch, he's feeling frisky"

I deny having ever said that...but it's funny.

Pray about the weather, I was gonna leave Tue but we are supposed to have an Evan-Almighty deluge that day so I may leave Monday night just to get ahead of it. And, candidly, I am nervous about driving a's my first time...and I hope the road will be gentle with me.

Upstairs and the garage are now show-ready, and downstairs is close. We have had a lot of lookers but we will get a real-estate agent pretty soon.

Big garage sale

I'll chime in later...that's it for now

PS: "rice-burner" and "redneck" are meant as terms of humor and not derogatory in any shape or fashion.


david sherwood said...

ok, next week i should be there on sat...i'm up for anything except helping with a garage sale!


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