Monday, June 18, 2007

heat index today 102

Heat index was 102 today in pergatory [texas]. I was in a sweatshop all day [the garage] and the good news it is 80% packed up and all the junk for the garage sale is on the front porch. As an added bonus I found a ton of missing tools and killed cockroaches with a baseball bat.
[There he is, the fat 40 year old pastor dripping with sweat in his shorts chasing around cockroaches with a baseball bat...just the sort of thing I imagine Billy Graham doing all the time]
Pack-rats should be shot on sight in season or out. Oh...that's me. Nevermind. I must have sweat off 10 pounds today, or the mosquitoes just took it with them.
Also we took the truck in to get a new clutch, and Amy rented movies for the night. She and the girls are watching some chick flick [so obviously I'm blogging] and Chip and I will watch Ghost-Rider later.
The house is 80% packed. Had 3 more people call about the house and 1 drive-by. Mandatory projects are pretty much done. Amy will probably be in pretty good shape when I leave next week tomorrow.
Pray this place sells soon! We have a variety of back-up plans but none of them sound like a lot of fun, so I wish to avoid them. Although I did think about burning it to the ground twice today so it's probably good that I am leaving.
Tomorrow I will get up early, fry a few eggs on the pavement for breakfast, and tell you more incredible stories and adventures in packing.



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