Friday, June 8, 2007

rain in ashland...sun in texas

We are not going to be able to blog for a few days...probably. I am going to my sisters lakehouse for a little r and r.
3 weeks away!
I'm filling the ipod with travelling tunes. Radar-love, stuff like that. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

where do you find the art you post??? it is always so approriate for waht you write......

enjoy the rnr

i like soft rock------ i just watched VH1's soft rock segment and those oldies but goodies are still on my mind

sergio_101 said...

here is a blog entry i posted with the same idea:

some of the top picks:

alison krauss and union sation - lonely runs both ways (this is one of the best albums i have heard come out in some time…)

garden state soundtrack - this is a second favorite soundtrack.. right after ‘pretty in pink’.. okay movie.. pretty good, actually.. but the soundtrack rocks..

bodeans - black and white (OMG a perrenial favorite traveling record..)

counting crows - august and everything after.. this is an album that refuses to leave my life.. not that i want it to.. but it is always just.. there..

michael franks - the art of tea.. yeah. sure.. it’s old school.. but this album is so good, it needs to be discovered by a new generation..

sun kill moon - ghosts of the great highway. this album is the perfect traveling companing. if you liked red house painters, just get this..

u2 - the joshua tree .. this is another ultimate road album for traveling through the southwest..

the weepies - say i am you .. this is a new discovery.. bajillian turned me on to this album.. instant classic for this kid..

the peachbones - big ohio and revanent.. these guys are from ashland.. one of the better bands around.. in my pompous opinion.. and i hate everything..


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