Tuesday, June 12, 2007

While I don't watch every week I did at one point in time. And I am still fuming over the Soprano's finale. Chris Seay wrote a pretty good book a few years back called "The gospel according to Tony Soprano" or something like that. Anyways, this picture always makes me think of that.
It's funny, how much I can confuse people with a blog without intending to do so. I have used the term van and people have assumed I meant moving van when I intended to explain my own personal van. I have used the term truck with the same results.

I sure hope we don't all get as equally confused by the Bible, however I fear at times the same thing happens.


To be clear.

I will leave in about 2 weeks in my PERSONAL truck with my PERSONAL motorcycle and a few changes of clothes, a slew of books, maybe a desk and come to work. I will preach on July 1 for the 1st time as your pastor.

Amy will stay here with the kids until the house sells. Then she will get the house loaded and come up to ohio in her PERSONAL van.

I may or may not fly back at some time to either help load the MOVING van[s] or to smooch my much missed wife and children.

Whew. I hope I have made that clear [as mud probably].

I don't know where I will stay yet. Hospitality offers are numerous, but a park bench may be more adventuresome. Amy thinks I should set up a hammock in the ministry center and take showers at the YMCA which sounds great to me. [I am pretty low maintenance on these sort of things]. We'll see what God says...

We got the moving estimate today...which will be forwarded to ya-all tonight I suppose. Walked a few more people through the house...but no offers yet. Put in 2 more light fixtures, cleared out another bedroom and the hallway. 2 deadbolts fixed, hung a door, mowed and edged yard. We are probably 1/2 way on projects which means I am a little behind. I start on the dreaded garage tommorrow.


WWTSD [What would Tony Soprano do?]



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