Friday, June 15, 2007

I'm 2 weeks away.

Raining here today.

Me and the kids today have:

  • cleaned out and cleaned up the fridge

  • packed several boxes

  • put garage sale stuff on the porch

  • cleaned out another 2 rooms

  • taken garbage out

  • scrubbed floors by hand in kitchens and bath

  • some painting

  • dishes and laundry

Later on we will go get hitch put on truck...then maybe...a DVD rental or go to a movie

Family Maxim I learned from Mom and Dad: "You work before you play"

Which is funny, because in the last year I have taken a ton of standardized tests and interviews and they all said the same thing. "Play more!" Which is either proof they are all lazy weasels...or....more likely...I need to spend more time having fun.

Which is hard for me. And I know it's sin to not rest and experience joy. So pray for me about that. Hold me accountable I guess. I know Jesus wants me to enjoy life...there's just so much to do!

speaking of which. NO I haven't got the the garage yet. But I'm glad you asked. I really need to do that.



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