Sunday, June 17, 2007 2 weeks

Why should you care about studying Nehemiah?

Because Nehemiah shows us what it is like for somebody to rebuild something that is badly broken or in fact devestated. The principles God fleshes out through Nehemiah's life are universal in impact and truth. So if you...or an unchurched friend have something to rebuild. This series will really help.

Some examples:

  • Rebuilding a relationship, family, or marriage

  • Rebuilding a career, calling, or vision

  • Rebuilding finances

  • Rebuilding hope and faith

  • Rebuilding your thought life or emotional landscape

  • Rebuilding what is most broken in your God's speciality

Nehemiah can point you in the right direction...but as always with God's will have to do the work in fleshing it out with God.

Who was Nehemiah?

Like a missionary or expatriot, Nehemiah was living in another culture, working in a position of responsibility there. He was cupbearer to the king sort of a low end-high priority secret service agent. When visitors arrived from his passport country, he asked about the folks back home and about the capitol city. However, much more important than his occupational title were his personal characteristics and disciplines. When he heard that the people back home were disgraced and the walls of the city were burned and broken, he cried hard, mourned, fasted, prayed, and planned. What he accomplished was spectacular.

He was or became:

Compassionate. He cried and grieved for other people.
Caring. He fasted, prayed, planned and took action, encouraging the people.
Committed. He got the job done, cared for his people, and was faithful to God.
Consistent. Even those he reprimanded could find nothing negative to say about him.
Courageous. He persevered in the face of threats, ridicule, and opposition from both the outside and inside.



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