Monday, June 4, 2007

disturbing things about being 40ish

  1. I have hairs growing out of my ears and nose

  2. My new friends call my motorcycle "an old man's bike"

  3. Nothing on Billboards top 25 is anything I have ever heard of

  4. I listen to NPR and find it enjoyable

  5. I recuperate for a week after a game of football

  6. My favorite TV shows are all on DVD

  7. The gray hair now outnumbers the brown

  8. My size 34 pants are NEVER going to fit again

  9. I worry about how to pay off my KIDS college loans

  10. My jeans fit...they don't sag off the back...and I like that they fit

  11. My i-pod is a 1985 flashback of new wave music

  12. My earing is no longer a sign of rebellion against the establishment

  13. I am the establishment!

  14. I stll read [some] printed media

  15. I miss Ronald Reagan

  16. I can remember a much quieter and private existance before cellphones, e-mail, and blogs

  17. I will NEVER be able to read all the books I own

  18. I still have albums in the attic [but I threw out the 8 tracks] and even some 45's

  19. I miss the was simpler

  20. A Mid-life crisis seems deserved...even earned
  21. My friends take disturbing pictures of me, ones that make me feel REALLY old


Anonymous said...

OMG!! if it's THAT good then sign me up!!! I just turned 30 and i seriusly cant wait to be 40. I have everything i ever wanted and some things i didnt (but those things come with age). I look forward to more gray hair, my children growing up, adn becoming an old fogey. I cant wait until todays music become classics and tomorrows music is remakes of the classics......

please tell me this is all possible....

Anonymous said...

Glenn says:
I officially relate to 16 of your 21 points...ouch. 40 next year.


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