Monday, June 18, 2007

"amy-speak"=stereo instructions

"I hope they stop 'hanging thier feet'"

This my friends is "Amy-speak."

You have to be fast on your feet, think quickly, be creative, to be able to understand it. You see, she mixes puns and metaphors a lot without knowing it. This was a combination of "hanging on" and "dragging thier feet." I cannot count how many of these she has invented, but there are lots. And when I can't figure them out I am usually silent because I don't wish to appear stupid. At times I wake up at 2am and finally figure them out.

also in "Amy-speak."

Amy apparently is a multi-pan-dimensional being. Therefore she may TOTALLY change conversation subjects [mid sentance more often than not] and not tell you...or warn you...or even clue you in when it is obvious you have no idea what is going on. Again, I am usually silent so as to not appear stupid. They say men think linear and women like a spiderweb. This is sort of like a spider, on meth, having bitten Keith Richards on the neck, while drinking thier 8th espresso of the day.

Amy-speak is the most challenging language I have ever studied. And like Ebonics it is always changing. But it is very creative, fun, and entertaining. Unless she is trying to tell you to do something, and you cannot understand it to save your life. Then she gets red in the face and angry and you wish you were never born and wonder if you can lock the garage from the inside because for all the prayers you have just prayed you cannot understand her or read her mind to save your life. And you really neeed to. To save your life.

But mostly it's just fun.


Anonymous said...

We often speak of my wife's "Sarahnese" She refers to things like the "Carage" meaning care in the garage. Once you get the hang of's not so bad. Glenn

Amy Sherwood said...

None of my good friends seem to have problems interpting my conversation. Maybe that is because in order to apply for my friendship, one must first be able to read my mind. Those kind of friendships work great for me.
Or maybe we are all just girls gone wildly out of our minds.

Anonymous said...


david sherwood said...

I mean...of course your not out of your mind honey. And you're certainly not a girl-gone-wild sweetheart. You are just missunderstood by testesterone crippled / handicapped / challenged men.


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