Tuesday, June 5, 2007

TV fast

One of the things I love about moving is the ability to re-frame your life and simplify.

With that in mind we have done a stair-step approach to weeding the media out of our life for a season.

These are some of the steps we have taken:

  1. We cancelled satellite
  2. We limit TV to a movie a day and some video games...and soon will come off that as well.
  3. We limit the kids to one hour on computer and internet [I get 3 hours, but that is a LOT less than usual]
  4. Today was a NO-MUSIC day for me

The idea as Richard Foster put it "is to FAST from some things in order to FEAST on different things...to tell the FLESH no and let the SPIRIT have a lot of quanity and quality space to work with." In so doing we find our family talks, tickles, and bonds more. And there is a lot more space for prayer and reflection which in turn creates more peace, centeredness [sp?], and internal harmony.

The summer is a great time to back off of culture a bit and connect more with God in an organic sort of way. [Be a tree for an afternoon]. This gives everybody the renewal they need for the big autumn push back to school etc.

Summer is a great time to re-invent yourself. But it doesn't happen by accident.

Some good books to look at this summer if you are re-evaluating your life purpose and seeking a life of balance are:

  • Chazown: by Craig Groeschel
  • The Call: by Os Guiness
  • Ordering your private world: Gordon MacDonald
  • The 8th discipline: by Stephen Covey
  • Living on purpose: Tom and Christine Sine
  • Purpose driven life: Rick Warren
  • Celebration of discipline: Richard Foster
  • Brad Swift: Life On Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life


Brad Swift said...

Hi David,

I love your idea of a 'media fast,' and what a great time to take it on as you move to your new home.

I also found your list of purposeful books of great interest and the couple I'm not familiar with I'll look into.

May I be so bold as to recommend one other -- my own. Life On Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life was just released. It's the first and only how to guide that coaches people to answer that most mysterious of questions - What is my life purpose.

We in the second day of a writers blog tour so if you care to learn more about it before recommending it, I certainly understand. Just let me know, or check out more about it at http://www.lifeonpurposeblog.com

Thanks and have a purposeful and playful media free summer.


sergio_101 said...

a music fast seems like the most horrible thing that could ever happen to a feller..

Josh Derr said...

Yeah, the last 2 summers I felt led to take a week break from listening to music. uhh! Man is that rough for me. Talk about realizing that I'm always turning music on. :-) I'm addicted! Took alot of discipline not to turn it on. After that week is up though, I'm like, Praise you GOD for Christian Metal!!! Oh thank you Lord! I think I would rather fast from food than music. :-) oh Blessings


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