Friday, June 15, 2007

Sweet and caring, when people are nice. I care about them.

Jesus is caring, he knows everyone, he talks to us in our minds...he will tell you what to do if it's right and will tell you if it's wrong. He will give you signs. He wants you to believe in him so you can go to heaven where it is peaceful. When you are there you will see if all the things are true about God. When he's around you like him and it's fun to be with him.

You know it won't be the devil if God is gving you a feeling about Him. So you better know where your fellings come from, if it is God or not.

You love Him because you know him and he is nice to you all the time. Believe in him and he will come to you and give you his love and hope to understand.

Give ALL your heart to Him. At least you'll know it's him when he comes to you in your mind. He loves you very much...always know that.



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