Wednesday, June 13, 2007


What a day. Shopping. I hate shopping, when I don't know much about what I am shopping for. But by the end of the day I know more about types of hitches, weight differentials, strap mountings, and a ton of other stuff than I ever wanted to know.

So here's the skinny. I will get a hitch put on the truck this Friday, and will be purchasing a trailer the following friday. I think this is the cheapest, best use of time, way to get me and my Ohio.

I can't wait to meet everybody, and start to connect faces with names [not my strong suit].

Things i WILL miss about shopping in Fort Worth:

  1. Salvaged food from "Town Talk" not as gruesome as it sounds. Dented cans etc that can't be sold by grocery stores. Marked about 90% off.

  2. 1/2 off 1/2 off. Factory returns on clothing. Again about 90% off everything. Almost nothing in the store is over 10 bucks.

  3. Craig's list for the metroplex: From tools to tillers the best way to get a deal on stuff.

  4. LEGAL Garbage-picking. You may laugh but I really have garbage picked about 75% of the furniture we have.

  5. The Tandy outlet and Fry's. Electronic Gizmo's at about 90% off retail. Slightly damaged...but nothing duct-tape and spray-paint can't fix.

  6. Free mulch after every major storm and tornado...provided by the highway and parks department.

  7. The FW city store. Stuff the city sells after it is done with it. I got a nifty pair of fire-fighter boots to wash the car in.

  8. Central market. Gormet food we can't afford...but...playground and free concerts every friday and saturday night outside.

  9. The Container store and Ikea. Anal Compulsive organizational mecca and temple.

  10. The salvage stockyards. Giant place with everything imaginable under the sun. Cars, bikes, fridge...just find it, take out your tools, remove it, and take it home.

There is a lot of horse-trading in Amy's family tree...and I think I have picked it up over the years.

Where are the deals in Ashland and the surrounding tell


danamydannyaaronanna said...

there is an IKEA in Pittsburg--maybe 3 hours away. adn i beleive ther is one going up in Cincinatti---Cleveland lost the bid :(------ and thats about 3 hours away. I ahve never been, so let me know when you all are up for a day trip!

Crate & Barrel is about an hour from here in Cleveland

Gabriel Brothers----it's all damaged and over stocked merch. from major retailers. it has clothes, housewares, shoes.

There are a ton of auctions around here...dont know if thats a big thing in TX

oh yeah--and BUF is only 4 hours from here--WHHOOO HOOOO!!! i LOVE it there! Wegmans ROCKS!!!!

Garbage picking is only good during Spring clean up. there are desginated times in the early "spring clean"mode where you can dump almost anything.

Thriftin--it's really just hit or miss, just liek anywhere else

david sherwood said...

awesome...that helps.




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