Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What does pastoring mean to me?

I will be leaving in less than two weeks. WOW! I am leaving a decade of ministry here and going there.

This has given me some things to think about as I ask God what He wants to use and discard from my experiences here. And many things to think about as he re-fits me for Ashland.

As a pastor in dry-dock, the ole battleship has some repairs going and some things to be replaced and other things to carry forward.

The things I carry forward:

  • Pastoring is being as like Jesus as I can be in my own skin and personality. Nobody needs another performance or cliche.
  • Pastors help keep the MAIN thing the MAIN thing and make sure churches don't get swallowed up in details, distractions, or themselves.
  • Pastors are WAY more afraid of God than people.
  • Pastors are coaches and help saints become more like Jesus, and sinners to surrender thier lives to Jesus.
  • Pastors give up thier rights to a private life. Thier hearts expand to the size of thier flock and community.
  • Pastors don't have all the answers but know who does!
  • Pastors lead while limping.
  • Pastors multiply thier effectiveness and shepherding through discipleship.
  • Pastors are 1/3 of the equation for a churches health and destiny. The other 3rds are God's annointing and will and the people's willingness to follow.
  • Good pastors pray hard, study hard, and play hard.
  • Pastors take God and the mission very seriously...but don't take themselves very seriously.
  • Pastors understand that Satan is very real and has a very real effect in this world.
  • The pastors sermons are in many ways the rudder of the church ship.
  • Pastors must earn trust and respect just like everyone else.
  • Pastors are watchman on the wall and watchdogs in the yard.
  • Pastoring is a journey and not a destination.
  • Pastors help bring the kingdom of God out of the shadows and into reality.
  • Pastors stop sparks before they become fires.
  • Pastors read maps and know where they are going even if they don't know exactly how to get there at times.
  • Be preachable, teachable, and reachable.

This is some of what I do know. There is more to be sure, but because they were the 1st to come to mind I thought they would help.

The rest I am about to learn through you and God.



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