Thursday, June 21, 2007

i just woke up

I just woke up, which is rare. I am usually up between 5 and 6 am. Yesterday I had a fireman friend over and he helped me with a project that I never could have done...then we had dinner...and then a doctor friend of mine who is on-call for the midnight shift came over and did some painting with me till about 2am.

so I'm a little groggy.

But I'm also deeply appreciative. I have had some ourtageous acts of love and compassion given to me over the last few months. It always humbles me. One family gave me some money and said "it's a sad state of affairs when you have to give money to your friends to get them out of town." It was funny and bittersweet all at the same time.

I guess I want this post to be a praise to God. He has given me more friends of a higher quality than I could ever deserve; he has given me the greatest privilidge and responsibility in the world in being a pastor; he has shown me more love and longsuffering patience than anyone [even God] should have to give anybody; he has given me spiritual, emotional, and financial gifts that are just ridiculous; he has paid for my education, bought me houses...he has given me the greatest woman on the planet and the coolest kids that have ever existed. It just all seems so humbling and wonderful to me today. He has cerainly put me in some wild and weird places, but never alone, and as such my biography of trying to follow him isn't boring.

It's funny, Amy and I were talking the other night and we laughed and said "Well there's one thing that's consistent...God never bores us!"

And thus I suppose, I never try to bore people with God.

I just think God is the wildest, coolest, hippest, dynamic, adrenaline rushing, peacefull, roller-coastering, gentle, patient, passionate, ... thing in the world. I am still convinced that anything in the world that blows your socks off...God laughs at because it is a fraction of what His capacities are.

So the starts with praise.




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