Sunday, May 6, 2007

the call

The call came today while I was painting my eaves. The children were dancing and playing, blissfully unaware that thier lives...and mine...were hanginging in the scales of destiny. I went inside and checked the phone...and there was the answer.

Last night my daughter Madi and I went on a date. A little french bistro where we could eat outside and free bread to feed the birds who run close and then scurry away to get food from our hands. Afterward we tried to go to a movie but it was sold out, so we bought date t-shirts instead. She got something with a dove on it and I got a Boondock Saints one with thier prayer on the back.

When we left the mall there were dark clouds all around and some slivers of light streaming through them like a hallmark card. My daughter said "look Daddy, it looks like God is healing some people over there [pointing at the shards of light]" Which brings up an interesting question of perspective. Because my daughters faith is unfiltered by either doubt or pain she sees God in full grandeur. Which is something I do in moments but sometimes those moments slip away into the grey of the stormclouds.

Yesterday an old friend dropped off a random check for 1,200.00 and today a church called me to be a pastor.

Indeed the light slivers have come through the clouds, I am just sometimes surprised when they hit me.



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