Sunday, May 20, 2007

Guest blogger 'my son Chip'

We have had an interesting 2 1/2 years. We have merged a church, planted a church, and started a satellite campus for a mega-church. In the midst of all this we knew God was moving us out of state, but didn't know where or when.

Thus I ended up doing what most pastors cring at doing...I gave up my church without having the next one lined up. Everything was great with the was just an Abraham thing..."head north buddy....I'll tell ya when you get there." Anyways in the midst of all this Chip had an interesting insight at dinner:

Quote from my journal around then.

Is he my son or my brother?

There is a subtle shift that comes unexpected and with great surprise when Fathers and Sons find hidden things in one another’s souls. Tonight at dinner I had one of those moments where my son tripped into a 6thsense, and told me something more precious than he will ever know.

We hadn’tbeen talking about anything substantial or related to what he was about to initiate. My son, Chip said this:

“Dad you know how someone at Mosaic said that their were people in the Bible that are like you?”
“What do you mean,” I asked?
“You know, someone who you look like”, Chip said
“Like your dad is with Jeremiah”, His mother quipped in?
“Well I think I know one”, Chip said
“Like what”, I said
“Well, you know the guy that was supposed to kill his son, to prove his love for God?”
“Yes Chip, he was named Abraham…what about him?”

“Well”, chip said, ”I think that is what you did. You gave up your church because God told you to, and you lost your job. But I think God was just testing you, and you will get another church and another job because you did what he asked and gave up everything”

I stood there stunned, with tears welling up in my eyes “I hope so Chip, and thanks” I sat through the rest of dinner in silence

Is he my son…my brother…a prophet…or an angel? I don’t know. I do know that something has shifted deeply in his understanding of scripture…and he is beginning to get it…really get it. And he is moving beyond just being my son, and being my brother-in-Christ. And he did something deep in me, to re-kindle my faith…as it sometimes flickers these days

November 2005


Anonymous said...

Thats awesome David! It still amazes me how God uses and speaks through my children to teach me and communicate with me.

david sherwood said...

i learn more about god through my kids than anything besides my bible


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