Tuesday, May 29, 2007

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Merton Beckett Sherwood

When Amy was 16 she wanted a sheepdog. So I got her one. This is the third one we've had in some 20 plus years together. He enjoys you petting him; telling lies about his abuse and neglect, and wrestling.

  • He cannot fetch, catch a frisbee, or swim.
  • He also assumes he is a lap dog
  • He refuses to chase the cats we are roomates with
  • Be he does cuddle [in a small polar bear sort of way]

When you meet him you must pet him ceaselessly your entire visit. If you wrestle with him he will nibble on you, it isn't biting, he is "herding" you.

He is also AMY'S dog. He follows her everywhere with slavish devotion. When I leave the bed to go to the bathroom or otherwise I return to him being cuddled with her in the bed and a look on his face that is a cross between "Dream about it buddy, " and "you snooze you loose."

He also has a neighborhood fan-club of people that know him [not us] by name. One is a little old lady named Mrs Margret. She comes by once or twice a day like clockwork with his fresh cooked bacon!

He is named after Thomas Merton and Thomas Beckett [two of my heroes]


danamydannyaaronanna said...

he is a really cute dog!!!!! i "earned" my only dimple on my cheek from a pure bread sheep dog. his name was bear becaue he was about 180 pounds. He was our frined's dog, whom we spent a lot of time with.

i bent over to give him some love when he woke up from a snooze. Apparantly he went right back to sleep. He must have thought i was one of the other faster dogs that can easily take advantage of his "i'm too big to move so fast" size....he growled and snapped in my direction and my face got in the way. Bear's head was bigger than mine and when he hit me i saw stars....then the blood gooshing. Good Times...Good Times...

He was such a gentle dog that would never hurt anyone intentionally. Bear got to bee too old and was put down a few years back. It was our frined's second sheep dog they had cremated.

I cant wait to meet Merton Beckett... Its a great story on his name.

BTW, a friend has inspired me to start my own blogspot, so my username now auto populates to runtogethername.... kinda like the way i order my coffee...feel free to check it out.

amy s


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