Saturday, May 12, 2007

a face book...and thoughts on laughter

This week I got a list of people who attend 5 stones. That's great because now I can start praying for you. But it still lacks something personal. If everything goes to plan i'm gonna try to get some of our pictures into this blog, and what i'd really like to do is have some of your faces sent my way. My e-mail is and what I'd like is to be able to have a ton of pictures of ya-all to hang up on the wall down here when i'm praying.

by the way

there are nicknames people use down here for different churches. Weggies go to a church called wedgwood; lifers go to lifechurch; punksters to deliverance [a punk-rock church]. So what are you guys called...'stoners?'

which leads me to my sense of humor, which i hope you will learn to enjoy. I try to use humor to disarm people about things that are serious. Churches can be pretty up-tight places sometimes and the unchurched are usually surprised when you can talk about the sense of humor of the church; how much fun you have there; or laughing so hard you need to pee. Which is funny in and of itself. Why would God connect our bladder to laughter in such a way that at some level of hilarity we have to go to the bathroom. Maybe that's His sense of humor. He perhaps laughs, that we are laughing so hard we need to run to the bathroom.

Ask Will [and the search team] about my sense of humor. I tortured Will with a phone message that I thought was hilarious. Practical jokes are just too much fun. My wife chides me about such things, but I just smile when I think about it. Almost all great memories boil down to 2 things: great pain and great joy. Interestingly they are connected, and laughter is often the best medicine during times of pain.

some thoughts, so related:

Church bumper stickers that say "every body must get stoned; get stoned this week at church; or stoner church."

any thoughts for funny t-shirts or bumper stickers?



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