Monday, May 7, 2007

tucked into bed

Every night I'll be with you.

The apostle Paul talked about his longing to visit the churches he wrote letters to. I understand.

So every night after I have tucked my kids into bed I will write to you and pray for you. Usually between 11pm and 1 am I will be outside on my front porch with some hot french-pressed coffee; my iSongBook; and my laptop.

After I have tucked my kids into bed, and kissed my wife I will pray over you for His protection and love to be real and surrounding you with His presence.

And I will pray for Ashland and all those who don't know Him...YET! Your friends and family, those dearest to your heart who have yet to feel His touch and experienced the wonder of grace, peace, and missional meaning.

Start forming your top 10 list now. We will talk about it more later, but write down the names of the 10 people you most passionately desire to come home to God. And when you are ready send the list to me and I'll start praying for them as well.

"Rest in Him and let all anxiety flow out of you like a river. And in it's place remember He who said that he loved/loves you; that He will NEVER leave or forsake you; and that He is preparing a place fo you that you might be with Him. And don't forget...never have been bought and paid for by the son who saw you and found so much worth in you that he was willing to die for you. And HE has plans for you...epic plans."

And I kiss my kids on the forehead as they sleep. And they smile and curl into a ball of safety again.

Amen. For I wish that for you.

your pastor,




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