Wednesday, May 30, 2007


This is a piece of art my friend Pat McCauley gave me years ago. It is "the shadowlands of hope." It's always fun for me to look at it.

If you notice you will realize that you can't see the sun directly in the picture. It is obscured beyond the frame of reference of the artist and the audience. There is a dark cleft with water pouring down on both sides and a lot of black and grey both nearby as well as on the far off horizon.

But that doesn't mean the light isn't there.

We can see the light glimmering off the waterfalls. And a haze all around the obstacles of our vision. The light is just about to burst forth, we can feel it, yet we must wait for it patiently.

My youngest daughter "Mikey" and I had an interesting conversation like this the other day.

She said: Daddy I can't see my face

I said: But you know it's there silly...don't you?

She said: Yes...but I can't see it

I said [in fake shock] AAAARGH I can't see my face either, or my eyes, or my ears.

She giggled.
She said: So how do you know they are there?

I said: Because I can see and hear through them even if I can't see them. Come over here honey.

She comes over and crawls up my lap

I said: Can you hear the music?

She said: Yes

But can you see it?

She said: No

I said: Close your eyes [and I start to brush her hair and tickle her face]
I said: You can't see me can you?

She said: No

I said: But you can feel me, and know I love you can't you?

She said smiling: yes

I said: It's just like that with God. Sometimes you can't see him, but you can still feel his love. And sometimes you crawl up into his lap and even though you can't feel him...he's still there.

She said: You're silly daddy...I know that

And she wandered off

I wish sometimes...I knew that


Anonymous said...

I was just talking with someone the other day about how we can speak life into or bless somebody with a word that we beleieve and know is true. But yet it really doesn't "sink in" until somebody speaks that same thing into us. Almost like we can't download an upload from ourselves, we have to download it from somebody else. if that makes sense. I find that very interesting...

So David, I really beleive in my heart that the Lord's hand is upon your move and that the Holy spirit is moving in all aspects of this transition. Take peace in knowing that he is right there, with you and your family, guiding and directing all things...I speak comfort and calmness over the Sherwood's in JESUS name.


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