Wednesday, May 23, 2007

the garage

While we are making progress on all fronts the garage is another thing. The cars have never seen the garage. They cry when it rains and hails but I have never shown them mercy. But the motorcycle, power tools, and go-cart are nestled into bed and tucked-in every night. This is my sanctuary, the kids don't even get to come in. This is where I putter about like an old man and fix things, hit my hand with the hammer, and hide from the honey-do queen. All that to say I cannot imagine packing it up. Everything else seems reasonable. But tonight I just stared at the complete chaos like a deer caught in the headlights. I think I'll go paint or something that seems reasonable and measured. After I tuck in the motorcycle and tell it a good night story. Or maybe I'll just take the TV out there and let it watch "easy rider," or go rent him "wild hogs."


sergio said...
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sergio said...

let me know if you need a riding partner to make the trip from texas! dude.. i am NOT kidding.. i will ride down there and ride back up with you.

i am not a sissy little 'ride around the block and show off my ride..' rider..

i am a get on in ohio and get off in cali rider..

let's ride!

oh. and wild hogs.. PUPE movie!

my favorite motorbike movies:

the wild one.

easy rider.

girl on a motorcycle.

roadside prophets.

the lords of flatbush.

the motorcycle diaries.

david sherwood said...

i might call ya...mid to late june. Motorcycle diaries was fantastic. I haven't bought it yet but it would make my top 50 movies.

haven't seen wild-hogs and never will. I'll probably tell another motorcycle story sometime. I've got plenty


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