Thursday, May 24, 2007

Virtual earth

I don't know if any of you have messed around or downloaded the google and MS program called 'virtual earth' but it is the coolest pastoral gizmo. You can zoom in from outer space unto any city and neighborhood in the world. You can then view it up close from any arial view, road, or hybrid and can look at stuff in 3d. Cities like Seattle and NYC are just awesome to tool-around.

so how is this pastoral?

Well, late at night I take the address listings that Jamie sent me and troll around the neighborhoods of ashland. Union street [I love that ladies flower boxes], Arthur [you've got a roof leak], West Walnut [man that guy needs to cut his lawn]. It's sort of spiritual-stalking...or...prayer ring-and-run...or...angelic I suppose. Even now I may be hovering over your house... creepy huh? [and yes I can see your check-book, how's that tithing coming along...and by the way it's time to have the termit guy back out]

I can't wait for it to be more of a close up, so I can really watch...and sound would be great too. But I suppose if your house was under surveilance and wire-taped we would be a cult...and nobody wants that.

So look up at the satellites tonight and you may discover that I am looking down. But even if I'm not! And he looks down with joy, and peace, and grace. He looks like Jesus always looked at people. And he hears and knows everything.

take comfort in that as you go to sleep tonight. He is watching over you.



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