Wednesday, May 23, 2007


As I work on the house I am captivated by the memories it has. We moved in 8 years ago and it feels like yesterday. All kinds of friends came by to work on it. But as I was painting the duplex part tonight I remembered a funny story. I was chaplain for a band back then called Travail. The guys came over after a practice and were helping me when we were painting the inside with KILZ [parental warning]. The inside of the house hadn't been painted in about 25 years and everything smelled of cigs and cigars. To kill the smell we bought the paint called KILZ because it also seals in the smells. But there is something I didn't know about KILZ....more in a bit. Anyway we were painting for about and hour an 1/2 when somebody said something stupid [with Travail it didn't usually take that long, but tonight it did] anyway, one of us started laughing and then all of us were laughing...and then all of us were on the ground laughing so hard we were crying...and then 45 minutes of this rolled by and we started to suspect something was wrong so we crawled over to the 5 gallon bucket to read the label on the KILZ. It seems that this paint gives off fumes. Silly, roll around laughing to you cry fumes. So we opened the windows, went outside for a while, and giggled through another couple hours of painting. The next day I had a headache that would put malt liguer or mad-dog 20/20 to shame. I can honestly say that that was the only time that genuine fellowship included accidental narcotics in my house.

ahhh. Good-times.

So when we get to Ashland, if you come over to paint, remind me to open the windows. I don't want you to get a hangover from hanging-out.



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